About us

We at AV Safety have worked for 22 years with our services to one goal, that being to improve the security of people on water.
Company was founded in 1999 and has had steady growth, it is now represented in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Finland. Our highly qualified service engineers are holding accreditation from major LSA OEMs.

Our commitment to maximum quality has made us the very known and trusted Marine LSA and FSS service provider in Northern Europe.

Ship owners can now get most of their lifeboats, hooks, winches and davits, whatever the original manufacturer, serviced by a trained engineer working to the highest standards. They can also choose offered by AV Safety modern hooks to replace older models which may no longer meet IMO standards in any boats.

What are the key features of the AV Safety service?
  • A one stop shop for owners and operators
  • Trained and authorized service engineers
  • Agreements with leading LSA OEMs
  • Agreements with key OEMs ensure we use the right manuals and procedures
  • Genuine spare parts with fast delivery
  • Meet all IMO requirements for regular servicing and inspection

Choosing AV Safety as your service and inspection partner simplifies safety management across your fleet, improves crew safety and confidence and greatly reduce downtimes!