Boats & Davits

AV Safety is a leader in the Baltic market for the maintenance of maritime LSA, including lifeboats, davits and other. We deliver expertise gained over many years of servicing our customers in the commercial shipping and Cruise Industries.
The ability to provide comprehensive safety solutions and the OEM reps mentality make AV Safety an outstanding one-stop service provider and your partner for your LSA Systems.
We are a service provider with OEM trained service engineers and engineering support required to give you the full service you need.

Lifeboat and davit systems OEM Approvals:

Palfinger Marine Group:
Watercraft, Viking Marine, Watercraft America, Waterman OY, Harding, Harding Safety, Schat- Watercraft, Fiskars, Mulder & Rijke, Bjorke Batbyggeri, William Mills, Schat-Harding, Beiyang, Noreq, Fast RSQ, Davit Company, Schat-Davits, Schat-Davit Company, Harding, Harding Safety, Schat-Watercraft, Schat-Harding, Maseco, Acta, NoreqActa, Noreq, Ned-Deck Marine

Norsafe Group:
Norsafe, Jiangyin Norsafe, Watercraft Hellas, Jorgensen & Vik

Dongnam Marine Crane Co. Ltd.:

Zhenjiang Marine Auxilary Machinery Works:
Zhenjiang MAMW

Qingdao Beihai Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Co. Ltd.:
Qingdao Beihai

AV Safety is also Class certified and has over ten years of practical experience, technical docs and spare parts for following LSA OEMs: Shigi, Tsuneishi, Nishi-F, Jiangyin Xinjiang, Jiangsu Jiaoyan, Hyundai Lifeboats (HLB), Jiangyinshi Beihai LSA, Sekigahara, Mansei, Manabe, Oriental, IKNOW, Miura, Miura Vider, Vider, Bada HI.

Flag Approvals:
• Estonian Maritime Administration
• Maritime Administration of Latvia

Class Approvals:
• Bureau Veritas
• Lloyd’s Register EMEA
• Registro Italiano Navale
• Russian Maritime Register of Shipping